Not many days ago, tech giant Apple launched the MacBook Air Flash Storage Firmware Update 1.1.

What does the storage firmware update offer?

The storage firmware update 1.1 has been designed specifically for the  MacBook Air mid-2012. The update will be testing the flash storage drives found in the MacBook Air models to find  an underlying issue that could result in data loss for the 128 GB and the 64 GB models.

Apple Macbook Air Release and Features

In most of the models facing this issue, the firmware update will simply install the new firmware. However, in some models, Apple will be replacing the affected drive without charging anything additional.  The storage firmware upgrade is recommended for mid 2012 models of the MacBook Air.

The storage firmware update will soon be available on the App Store of Mac for all MacBook Air mid-2012 models and users can download the update from Apple Support site.

Apple has also recently launched a Flash Storage Drive Replacement Program. Under this program, the user gets complete details of how to go about replacing the faulty drive in their device. Users whose MacBook Airs are affected with the issue will be prompted to this page once they have installed the firmware update for their device. 

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