Rumors are that Apple macbook air with LTE capabilities would be hitting the market soon. Apple is trying to unleash the potential of LTE by bringing it to the laptop segment.  In 2013 Apple Macbook Air was launched in two sizes 11-inch and 13-inch. The most impressive features of Apple Macbook Air are its Hasswell chip which has given it upto 15 hour battery life.  Apple Macbook Air is powered by fourth generation Intel Core processor and lets you create and edit picture in a jiffy.  There are many other features like 802.11ac WiFi support, Airport Extreme, Airport Time Capsule but what really make this Apple offering mouth watering  is its rumored LTE capabilities. Apple iPad Mini 2 and Apple iPad 5 would also be coming with LTE capabilities.

Apple is also about to release Apple macbook pro 2013 which would be an upgraded version of Apple macbook pro 2012. It is highly possible that Apple macbook pro would also come with LTE capabilities.  All the ultrabook manufacturers are trying to incorporate this feature in their products as it highly enhances the capabilities. With Apple macbook pro 2013 nearing the release and Apple macbook air upgrade just there, Apple is sure to make a mark with its product line.