Apple has been the dominator whenever it comes to exclusive ware at sexy styling and premium pricing. However, with ASUS on the block, Apple MacBook 13 Incher model fans are finally happy to have a substitute with the Zenbook UX305. 
Apple MacBook Air Challenges The Asus Zenbook Ux305The laptop is jolly great to look at and compares well with the ultra slim MacBook model. 

While the Apple MacBook Air kickstarted the Ultrabook genre , it has not created much ripples with every upgrade. In fact the MagSafe socket is the same over so many variants– seven at that!

Yes the Thunderbolt 2 Port with Intel Broadwell processor Core i5 means more punch and power but that does not gives it edge over Zenbook. The Mac OS X is functional and jazzy at once too while the in-built suites gives you hands on capacity with Numbers and Keynote.

However, the screen res is very average especially when you see the Zenbook UX305. More compact and ultra light than even Apple, this laptop gives you nine hours battery life for run on mill computing thanks to one Core M CPU from Intel. The  8 GB RAM ensure no hassles and according to us, beats a loader off Apple’s MacBook variant.