Apple Macbook Air 2014 Release Date Likely in June—Apple Slated To Bowl US With Specs With 18.55 mm Thin Gadget

macbook air vs macbook retina pro

macbook air 2014, macbook proApple has been a frontrunner is spinning amazing releases in smartphones and laptops over the years. While we have been hearing buzz of the latest Macbook Air 2014 for some time, we finally got hands on a probable release date.

Based on the last Macbook release that occurred at WWDC back in June last year, we predict a June release for the Macbook Air 2014 too.  However, another tickling we feel is that with Mac’s anniversary—30 years at that—coming up tomorrow—some experts are expecting 22 January as the release date.

With its beefed up specs and sleek body, the MacBook Air 2014 is indeed a stunner. While the release dates are under dilly-dallying, take a look at its features for now-

  • Intel HD 3000 graphics processor
  • Intel dual core Core i5 processor.
  • LED-backlit  display
  • Full-size keyboard
  • 18.55 millimeter thin
  • Multi-Touch track pad