With the release of the Intel’s new Haswell microprocessor, we can already see a huge jump in the battery life of laptops and ultra portables. Here is a glimpse at some of the best Haswell running machines available right now.

Apple MacBook Air 13 (1,099$): One of the first models to start using the Haswell micro processor, the MacBook Air 13 is smart, light and fast. With its battery lasting as long as 12 hours on normal usage with Wi-Fi on it has the best battery of the lot. While it is also the cheapest laptop on the list, the MacBook Air 13 does not have a touch screen.

Acer Aspire S7 (1,450$): Made with an aluminium body that is covered in glass on the one side, it certainly is a very good looking laptop. Expect about six hours of battery life with the Wi-Fi on. The touch enabled screen can fold all the way back to be flat with the table’s surface!

Dell XPS 12 (1,200$): Similar to the MacBook Air series this Ultrabook is a convertible, the touch capable screen can spin 180 degrees on central horizontal axis and then be closed to make the laptop into a tablet. It is a bit heavy 3.5 pounds and can run for up to seven and a half hours with the wireless turned on.

Sony Vaio Pro 13 (1,250$): This ultra book is very light thanks to the carbon fibre it is made of. While the carbon fibre feels flimsy and can bend, Sony maintains that it is stronger than Aluminium and that being able to bend it can deal with shocks better. Also a touch screen capable machine this ultra book can last for almost seven and a half hours with the Wi-Fi turned on.