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Apple Mac Pro Release to Come With Macbook Pro 2013 With Haswell, Apple Macbook Air Convertible

If reports are to be believed, the Apple is all set to launch the MacBook Pro on the 17th November.

Apple Mac Roundup, a French website, reports that the powerful and feature packed desktop from Apple, MacPro, will be announced for sale from 17th November. The site also has claimed that they have obtained the release information from the same source who had passed the release information of the 5th generation iPod the previous year.

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On the other hand, the tech giant has also indicated that it will be releasing the MacBook Pro in the fall. The Mac Pro was unveiled by Apple  at the Worldwide Developers’ Conference that was held in June. The Mac Pro flaunts several exciting features like 1,833 MHz memory, 12-core Intel Xeon processor and also flash memory storage.

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Along with the Mac Pro, it is also highly likely that Apple will launch the 2013 Haswell MacBook Pro, 2014 MacBook Air Convertible and also the New Mac Pro on the 17th November. The New Mac Pro will be featuring the dual, standard GPUs for clearer and better graphics and will also be supporting several streams for the innovative 4K displays. This is the first ever Mac Pro to have been assembled together in the USA. 

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