Apple is keen not to run into a short supply for its upcoming flagship iPhone 7, according to Wall Street Journal. In a bid to do so, the Cupertino giant has ordered 85 million units or more from its suppliers by the end of this year or next. This seems like a dream run for any brand and Apple’s manufacturing allies Pegatronn and Foxxonn are already widening its staff base to meet such orders.

Apple Looks To Rope In Third Manufacturer For Ensuring 85 Million Units Of The iPhone 7Apple On A Roll

 What’s more interesting is that Apple is considering adding another partner to its manufacturer’s basket, says the Wall Street Journal. While fans are gaga and are anticipating astounding success for Apple in a slow smart-phone market, skeptics opine that this could lead to saturation as well since iPhone 7 might come at a time when sales could see peak down as well, according to Sherri Scribner, Deutsche Bank analyst.

The Critics’ Word

Scribner has been a fierce Apple critic and had correctly indicated that the Apple Watch might not be a winner. Then again, Apple always faces flaky predictions before release of its iWares but always emerges victorious in the ultimate test.

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