US-based smartphone manufacturer Apple is likely to soon release an iOS 7.1 update as the operating system is already marred with bugs. The last iOS 7.1 update was released in March 2014 and included support for Apple’s in-dash system CarPlay and improvements to the UI. The update will be available for devices such as iPhone, iPods and iPads.


The 9to5mac blog has been quoted saying that “Apple appears to be readying a bug fix update to iOS 7.1 called iOS 7.1.1. Numerous visits to 9to5Mac from areas surrounding Apple’s campus on devices running iOS 7.1.1 have appeared in our analytics”.


However, there is a less possibility that the update would bring some major changes as the last update was released just a month ago. The company has not yet provided any information regarding what types of updates will iOS7.1.1 will bring with it.


Apple managed to enhance the user experience of the iPhone 4 with the iOS 7.1 update, especially for customers who want to buy one but were refraining as a result of the bad user experience. Apple is providing major support to the device from the last three years, and there are great chances that the iPhone 4 will not see the next version of the operating system.

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