US-based tech giant Apple is likely to have a very busy end of the year as it is already scheduled to release its iPhones, iPads and OS X Yosemite. If recent rumours are to be believed, the company would also launch 12-inch MacBook in 2014.

Apple Likely To Launch 12-inch MacBook, 4K iMac In 2014
Creative Commans/Global X


9to5 Mac has claimed that the company is presently working on a smaller 12-inch MacBook Pro that would be equipped with a much thinner and slightly lighter aluminum body along with a Retina display to boot.


Presently there are no other laptops in the market that is working towards imitating MacBook Air and Retina Pro’s shape. So there is a great possibility that the company may cause another buzz in the industry with this rumoured thinner model.


It has also been revealed that Apple is also developing a new 27-inch iMac or standalone that would feature the hardware makers’ first 4K display. 9to5 Mac has issued a report saying that the pixel-doubling technology of the current 27-inch iMac and Thunderbolt displays aren’t up to snuff, but it is likely to change with the company’s next line of products.


As far as the apps are concerned, the company is also reportedly working on updates for iMovie and Final Cut Pro in order to make them capable to work with quadruple HD footage.