Apple New MacBook Impresses With Looks, Screen Res And RAM

New MacBook

Apple has recently been under the scanner for its ability to innovate, especially since the demise of the founder Steve Jobs. They proved critics wrong with the launch of the Apple Watch, and the New MacBook launched on 9 March could be their second bet.

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On first look, we were floored by this 12-inch notebook. The thinnest MacBook seen so far, it is also the lightest at 2 pounds. Going deeper, the most impressive bits of the New MacBook are its Retina display, easy-going keyboard, and the Force Touch trackpad. Not to forget, the USB C port as well as the battery design.

Apple Launches Its New MacBookBuilt using aluminium, just like its elder cousin Macbook Pro and Macbook Air, this laptop has a sturdy but lightweight design. The metal deck of the keyboard and the trackpad made from glass are incredibly great specs.

Add to this, it has a 2304 x 1440 resolution to its Retina display, which comes out in the fact that viewing from any angle brings out crisp results.

Typing on the MacBook is a breeze thanks to its slimmed-down keys and the springy deck. Apple has picked the Core M chips to being us this comfort. Given the light weight and the no-noise fan on the new Apple laptop, the performance is slightly slower because Apple could not use the beefier i7 or i5 processors.

However, the 8 GB RAM more than makes up for better load time for apps and quicker multi-tasking. The battery life under optimal situations is 9-10 hours. There are two variants—one with 256 GB storage and another with 512 GB SSD. Both variants will have different processors–1.1GHz Core M chip and 1.2GHz CPU respectively.