As a direct challenge to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Apple is rumoured to launch a new 2016 MacBook Air around fall this year. Despite having scored a hit with the latest Macbook version, there is no looking back for the Cupertino giant. We barely have much detail to reveal about the 2016 variant that is in news but we can gauge that it will be more power packed than the model we last saw.

Apple To Launch 2016 MacBook Air To Compete With Microsoft Surface Pro 4The Resolution Story

The latest MacBook Air comes with 1440 x 900 pixel resolution on the screen. This was an improvement over the 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution screen we saw on the older MacBook version and so we think Apple is keen on improving the resolution story with all future models.

Pitch Up Against MS Surface Pro

Why we expect this to be a warning for the Surface Pro 4 is because Microsoft will release this model around the same time. We anticipate a pen-input spec to add functionality to the new Surface Pro.  

Last heard, the Surface Pro might hit retail around 29 July—the same day as Windows 10 release. Insiders also believe that the Apple iPad Pro might unveil around the same time so only time will tell what is next.

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