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Apple is 3rd Time Most Innovative Company: Booz & Co.

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Apple’s done it for third consecutive time. The tech company has earned the title of being the world’s most innovative company, according to an annual survey conducted by consulting firm Booz & Company.

This is the third year in a row when Apple has been listed at the top. This year round,  it was a 700-company survey, which had almost 80 percent of its respondents voting for Apple as being among the top three most innovative companies worldwide.

The second spot went to Google, followed by 3M. According to Reticle Research analyst Ross Rubin, “Apple’s innovation focuses on bringing together different part of an ecosystem and tightly integrating them together with meticulous attention to detail”. Apple’s rival, Samsung, featured fourth in the list, its approach differing from Apple by incorporating latest technologies available in the market into the products it manufactures, for instance OLED displays and NFC.

According to the survey, innovation differs from R&D. Even though Apple topped the list of being the most innovative company, the same survey ranks the iPhone maker 16th within its industry when it comes to R&D. Microsoft was the top company in this category, spending the maximum on its R&D efforts in software and the internet. Microsoft was the sixth most innovative company worldwide.

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