Apple never misses an hour without being in news be it for its upcoming iPhone 7 release date or the expectations of its fans of what they would love to see on a fantasy Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Could Be A Fantasy With Hopes For Better Build And Beefier BatteryWhile buzz around beefier build, never-before-seen patents and awesome specs are doing the rounds about the rumored flagship, here are top five things we wish Apple incorporates-

  • As soon as we begin to get vigorous with the iPhone models, the battery signal bar begins to climb down. Yes we agree that Apple gave us a whole lot with a decent battery on the iPhone 6, we hope the 6S or whatever is next gives us great standby/usage time.
  • Fans are praying for the Cupertino maker to design its next keeping in mind we do not all have epic grip! Yes the biggie screen size at 5.5 inches is a beauty but if only the iPhone 7 Plus were much sleeker! Toning the bezels could be the wonder formula here.
  • Seriously, Apple has seen fans climbing over to millions from mere hundreds in the past few years, the number could be on the rise further if the prices for its iPhone 7 Plus or upcoming variants see a cool slash.
  • We also wish that the typical 16 GB onboard iPhone variants are given a miss now. We need more meat in terms of internal storage and perhaps Apple could please us this way with the iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Finally, the all-important shutter story on the iPhone 7 Plus could be improved by leaps. We are fed up with the protruding snapper that all current iPhones have. More so, if Apple has indeed rendered sapphire glass add-ons to the latest designs, the iPhone 7 Plus could see a flatter camera surface.