Leaked images and rumors related to the Apple iPhone 7 do not seem to fade away. Recently, it has been reported that the new phone will not move away drastically from the look of the iPhone 6. However, the images designed by Tomislav Rastovac and Ivo Maric seem contrary.

Apple iPhone 7Concept iPhone 7 at a Glance

If their rendering of the iPhone 7 is to be believed, it will be a blend of the iPhone 6, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 with glass panel at the front as well as back. Apart from glass panel, the phone is also designed to have flat edges.

The dream phone is not just about the look but is expected to feature A10 processor, Quad HD Retina display and 16MP camera along with 2.5D sapphire glass.

If the phone will come with wireless transfer and wireless charging, as the concept phone suggests, it will attract significant attention from new buyers.

With the fall coming closer, many are now curious to know whether the company will launch the iPhone 7 or content people with the iPhone 6S, which has not seen the daylight either.