Apple iPhone 6S, which is now one of the most anticipated smartphones of the company is expected to feature iOS 9. The leaked images of the upcoming model of iPhone indicates that it is not going to have a striking aesthetic difference from iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, reports 9to5Mac.

Yet, the phone may feature Force Touchscreen display along with haptic feedback for offering users a much improved experience. Though the upcoming model may feature similar looks, it would be backed with iOS 9 so that it can easily get synced with apps available at the App store.

Apple iPhone 6S To Feature iOS 9 And Force Touch ScreenNot just that, the integration of Force Touch feature would allow the device to get free from some of the press-and-hold functionalities found on some of the already released iPhone models. Instead it will allow addition of new controls for better experience. The reports on 9to5Mac also indicates that even though Force Touch will be implemented on the new iPhone, it will be a ‘power-user centric’ function and not as important as it is on the AppleWatch. This integration is also expected to take the phone in similar level to that of Retina Macbook Pro or New Macbook.

Though there are several rumors and speculations regarding the upcoming smartphone model, confirmed reports will be available only when the company issues any official statement.