With the run up to Apple’s release day for its iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus getting warmer, Citi Research has finally given us substantial leaks about iPhone specs to muse over. The leaks have been published in Business Insider. 

  • Apple iPhone 6S To Feature Force Touch And 12 MO Front ShutterAs of now Apple will stick to the 4.7 or 5.5 incher sizes for its screen on the upcoming flagships. However, it will not roll out mini models of 4-incher as had been a norm for the giant even few years ago.
  • Fans can finally get to play with
    Force Touch on the next new iPhone. The 6S will in fact be the first lineup that will have this patented tech used. The MacBook Pro 15 Inches and Apple Watch are the other devices that will incorporate the spec. 
  •  Speeds and multitasking will go for a hike on the Apple iPhone 6S or 6S Plus thanks to incorporation of a beefy A9 processor. Rumors have it that the same is a Samsung baby and will increase speed by up to 25%.
  • The RAM on the  iPhone 6S or 6S Plus will now be 2 GB since 1 GB is now dated enough for Apple to not use.
  • After fans went morose about Apple not bucking its camera pixels up, there could be in to see 12 MP under the hood on the main front for Apple iPhone 6S.
  • Moreover, the architecture of the upcoming iPhone will see oodles of innovation thanks to use of aluminum alloy for the chassis. This will at least erase away memories of Bendgate for fans.

Surprisingly,  few latest leaks that had been publicized by Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst at MiKGI Securities have also been revealed in this Business Insider report.