Thursday, December 7, 2023

Apple iPhone 6 May Whip Sony Xperia Z, Cut Throat Features to Even Baffle Samsung Galaxy S5

Showing of the iOS 7 has helped developers and Beta testers work out the kinks in the system – but it has also given pundits an idea of what to expect in the upcoming iPhone 6. We have already told our readers about a possible finger-print sensor and sapphire crystal display to make the phone unbreakable. Some more killer features for the iPhone 6 might be the much anticipated iRadio a new RSS reader and an in-car integration system!

iRadio has actually been name iTunes Radio by Apple, but it’s pretty clear that most users are going to call it iRadio for short. It is a music streaming service and acts like free web-based radio stations. To replace the now defunct Google Reader Apple have a RSS reader function for the iPhone 6. And to help in-car integration, dozens of new cars in 2014 will have the ability to connect with the iPhone 6 can have its dashboard display mimic the iPhone screen!

Something that Apple really needs to consider is making its iPhone 6 waterproof (sony xperia Z may get Whipped?). Rather than having it as an expensive option, Apple should consider making it a norm – that would definitely help its sales in rain prone countries like many in South-East Asia.

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As the wait for the new iPhone continues, we can only slake our souls by thinking about more killer features for the iPhone 6 and future iPhones to keep  upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 tamed.


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