iphone-6-elite-daily1Last year we saw a number if companies launching their flag ship phones and there are plenty of reports that this year will see another array of futuristic phones.
The Apple iPhone 6 and the 6C: the new iPhone is rumored to have a six inch screen so hopefully the phone itself will be a little bigger, while some report have stated that the screen size could also be 4.8 inches. Apple has always launched new products either in the fall or the summer; ideally we can expect the new Apple release some time soon. The company promises a complete re design that will include a new camera, processor, and also the iOS 8 Software. There is still no confirmed reports about the 6 C

The Galaxy S5 by Samsung is expected to be bigger than Apple this year; this phone will include numerous new upgrades that will include an 8 GB ram, 16 MP cameras, 64 bit processor and the latest version of android. The outer casing will be entirely metal as confirmed by Samsung but the company may launch a budget friendly version of the phone that will be plastic.