Apart from a name, brand & promise, a couple of reasons why Apple iPhone 6 would beat the Samsung Galaxy S5 hollow.

Apple iPhone 6 Battery Life is Breathtaking

Talking about Apple iPhone 6 battery life, it will bigger than 1,440mAh power pack of the iPhone 5 included. Apple iPhone 6 battery life would be around  2,000mAh. A better choice as compared to numerous bloatware & drainer reports from the Galaxy series users.

Apple iPhone 6 Camera is  A Stunner

We can expect a Apple iPhone 6 camera of at least 8-megapixels (probably 13-megapixels) with a dual LED flash in the iPhone 6. The Samsung Galaxy S5 16MP & 5MP cameras may sound impressive, but bugs have been a common disaster within the Galaxy series. True, they are rectified via updates, but who wants a couple of people harping about a new phone with a useless camera in today’s market?

Apple iPhone 6  and Samsung Galaxy S5 price may blow your mind

The iPhone 5 is priced from £529 for the 16GB, £599 for 32GB and £699 for 64GB. If the screen size increases in Apple iPhone 6 , so would the price of Apple iPhone 6. Sources indicate a noticeable hike in the price of Samsung Galaxy S5 due to usage of aluminium & magnesium components (to counter critics yelling “cheap parts”). Its price hike is to follow the same pattern as with HTC & Sony smartphones.

Apple iPhone 6 iOS 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 Android KitKat 4.4

The iPhone 6 will launch on the iOS 7 operating system unless Apple announces a surprise iOS 8 update before then. It’s more likely the company will launch the iPhone 6 with an incremental update (say, iOS 7.2). Even though the S5 would support both Andriod KitKat 4.4 & the open-source system, Tizen; compatibility issues are expected to emerge due to the CPU configurations.