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Apple iPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4: The Wit Of Apple 3D Video Call To Finish The Beloved Galaxy Legacy

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Apple seems to have started its ascent to the top—once again. The latest live 3D video calls patent and technology from Apple can just prove to be the much needed “killer feature” which helps it restore its position as the leader in the industry. The patent for Augmented Reality (AR), was received by Apple on Tuesday, March 19.

Apple is all set to unveil the striking 3D video call facilities for the upcoming iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S. This new addition is expected to provide competition to the Samsung’s Galaxy S4—in more ways than one. This new 3D video call technology of Apple iPhone 6, allows its users to view information on various subjects and objects through the Augmented Reality technology of the display.

3D video call technology is likely to be included in its iPhone 6 and 5S phone along with the iPad as well—making it an important part of Apple’s future. The distinctive features of this unique technology include Object Identifying, Distance Learning, Vehicle Application, Medical Application (aided by patient recognition) and Video Information Sharing.

According to officials—the patent for 3D video calls will help users get access to information layer and the live video which can be shared and integrated via communication linking with the other devices.

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