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Apple iPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4: Can iPhone 6 Take Away Woes Of Apple iPhone 5?

Top 5 Killer Features That Makes iPhone 6 Release Date Worth Waiting For

No, we did not make any mistakes in the heading – we are talking about the iPhone 6 indeed. While Apple sets to work on bringing out the iPhone 5S soon enough to take people away from the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4, we highly doubt its capabilities in actually pulling the crowd towards it. In our opinion, the real crowd-puller, show-stealer against the Galaxy S4 from Apple could only be the iPhone 6.

The Apple iPhone 6 could also support wireless charging, like the Galaxy S4 is expected to have. In terms of screen size, given how much of the iPhone 5’s failure was attributed to its small screen size, we’re expecting the iPhone 6 to have at least a 4.8-inch screen to compete with the Galaxy S4’s 5-inch display. But this could come at a price – Apple could possibly remove the sole Home button from the phone.

We’re hoping that Apple puts in at least a 12 MP rear camera in the iPhone 6 and of course, the much missed NFC capability as well. To make the phone more futuristic, maybe the iPhone 6 could have an onscreen trackpad or controls on the sides for gaming enthusiasts. We’re also wishing for the iPhone 6 to come with a brilliantly refurbished iOS 7, and possibly a stylus too.

In terms of processing power, hopefully Apple will up the ante by putting in a quad-core processor to take on the Galaxy S4, which is expected to come with either an octo-core or a quad-core processor.