In the air of speculations of Apple to release the next-gen smartphone, hailed the iPhone 6 in upcoming months, the launch date of the looming Apple smartphone is still wary. The rumor wheels cannot stop in the way of speculating about the forthcoming features of iPhone 6.
Here is the list of “not so required” top 5 features to be seen in imminent iPhone 6 by iFans.

1. No Cheap Plastic
Though Apple has raised the bar and has been tantamount with its classy designed products, rumors of a cheaper, plastic- flaunting iPhone 5S is in the air.

2. Touchless Controls
Estimations will be allocated over the amalgamation of this feature. Apple is probable to navigate clear of the touchless controls for the iPhone6 as equaled to Samsung Galaxy S4 that faced several issues.

3. Less Battery Life
Another vital feature is the short battery life in iPhone 6 which users presume to bump up the battery life so that it runs on long durations.

4. Troublesome Siri and Maps

In 2012, when Apple launched the iPhone 5, the company was sternly appraised for its Maps and Siri fiasco. For that reason, Patrons would not wish to see more distressed apps and features from Apple.
5. Slow Processor
If a next-gen smartphone is launched by Apple, consumers would await to see a new and faster processor as it would not diminish the zest of the iFan.