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Apple iPhone 6 Should Challenge Samsung Galaxy S4 Convention And Redefine The Power Of Smartphone

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Now that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has finally released, speculation is rife on what archrival Apple is keeping itself busy with. Even as we wait to get a glimpse of the partially updated iPhone 5S, we want to know more about the iPhone 6 – which would probably come out sometime next year. Because we believe that only a completely redesigned iPhone can hope to take on the likes of the Galaxy S4. So what would we like to see in the iPhone 6?

Very powerful processor: With Samsung having put in a quad-core 1.9 GHz Snapdragon 600 processor and an octo-core 1.6 GHz Exynos 5 processor in the Galaxy S4 models, a dual-core processor like in the iPhone 5 just isn’t enough. If Apple really wants to up the ante, it needs to put in a far more powerful processor in the iPhone 6. We’re not saying go octo-core like the Galaxy S4, but how about a bump up to at least 4 cores?

Better camera: The 8 MP camera on the iPhone 5 will sink into oblivion against the Galaxy S4’s 13 MP camera. Also, Samsung has put in a ton of advanced functions into the phone to let users have more fun clicking pictures on the phone. The iPhone is traditionally known to be a treat for the shutterbugs, but we’d like to see more than just 3D panorama in the iPhone 6. Burst modes and filters are also turning passé, and we’re still not sure what the future holds for us in smartphone cameras.

Brand new iOS: Don’t get us wrong – we love how fluid iOS is. But it’s been sporting pretty much the same look since the first iPhone came out a few years ago. So how about something that looks radically and refreshingly different on the iPhone 6?

Flexible storage: We hate that the iPhone never comes with a microSD card slot – so if Apple really wants to garner more fans, maybe they can get a little more considerate and include a microSD card slot in the iPhone 6. Because in the future, even 64 GB isn’t going to be enough – and not too many of us really depend on the cloud for our entertainment.

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