Apple focuses on health and fitness on its next iOS iteration and projected iWatch. The Cupertino company is working to release an app named “Healthbook” in the soon to release iOS 8 mobile and iPad OS this year.The time is not much far away when tech giant Apple’s much anticipated yet to be released new flagship device, the iPhone 6 will be launched world over and this would be the same time when Google launches its new flagship phone the Nexus 6. However, there are sketchy details about the specs and features of the Nexus 6 while there are some rumors about iPhone 6’s features and specs.

In the past half decade, Apple and Google have been stiff competitors and have released their flagship phones one after the other in the intensely competitive smartphone market. For Apple, the iPhone has undoubtedly been an iconic and a marquee device which the California-based company launched some years ago. Recently, Apple had launched the iPhone 5S and very soon, in a few months from now, it will be unveiling the next flagship phone, the iPhone 6.

Search giant Google also releases a new Nexus once in a year. The Nexus 6 is expected to feature a sleek design and exceptional features as well as advanced specifications. However, the iPhone 6 will feature a big and a stunning display screen and also a fingerprint scanner, which will be absent in the Nexus 6.