Apple iPhone 6 Release Date Nears As Apple iPhone 5C Price Decreases

The release date of Apple’s next flagship smartphone, iPhone 6, is believed to be around the corner as the company is rumored to be decreasing the price of its iPhone 5C. It is being rumored that the company is due to release the 8 GB iPhone 5C version soon that will be available at a price of nearly USD85.

This can be supported from a fact that Engadget managed to get a photo of the alleged 8 GB 5C’s packaging, and German carrier O2 leaked a document of a memo forwarded to its employees informing about the launch of an iPhone.

This comes as the company’s iPhone 5C was a flop show when it was released at end-2013. It is perceived as a cheaper model of iPhone but still expensive than the other smartphones available in the market.

Digitimes has claimed that more than 3 million iPhone 5C units are still lying unsold, out of which 2 million are kept in Pegatron’s warehouses, while another 1 million units are lying in carriers’ and retailers’ shelves.

The new iPhone 6 is expected to be launched around September or October 2014, according to iDigitalTimes. However, it was earlier believed that the smartphone will be launched in June at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers’ Conference alongside the upcoming iOS 8.

The upcoming smartphone is likely to have a bigger screen size along with a faster and better A8 processor, fingerprint sensor as well as other new and exciting features and improvements.