The new Siri in the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 will be able to tag and search using voice commands. This is an official addition to the new iPhone as it has been confirmed by Apple insiders and has also been patented by the US Patent & Trademark Office.  

 This means that the new iPhone 6 will enable users to access or sort photos, apart from this, a new gold version of the iPhone 5S was spotted in one of Apple’s media launch that was held in California in 2013.

 iphone-6-elite-daily1The increasing number of images and videos is the reason why Apple has added this feature. Users will now be able to sort their photos simply by using voice commands based on either the location or the name of the image.

 This feature will also enable an auto tag function so that users will not have to tag each photo individually. This new feature will also be able to recognize landscapes, faces and buildings so that it can tag photos that are similar to it.

 The new model will sport a larger screen and will retain some of the best features of the iPhone S5. Other unconfirmed rumors also hint at a curved screen and a re-focusable camera.