The iPhone 6 is in making. It has been in making for too long! Is the apple iPhone 6 going to be an iPhone or a phablet? Or would it be a tablet to pop into your sling bag? No matter what, we are tired of the wait! Perhaps, this piece of info could wake up back from the slumber of Apple iPhone 6 dreams.

Seems like the makers have patented a flexible display. This means that you could test the bendable limits of the iPhone 6 and yet get to see how the screen holds up all its components. On deeper thought, this means the makers have shuffled and juggled all its erstwhile skeletal ideas.

The patent could means getting hands on “A consumer electronic product includes at least a transparent housing and a flexible display assembly enclosed within the transparent housing. In the described embodiment, the flexible display assembly is configured to present visual content at any portion of the transparent housing.”

Apple could do well with speeding up the release of the iPhone 5S at least, for now. Perhaps getting the 5S could console us on the longer wait anticipated for the iPhone 6.