Now we all know that if there’s one thing we can expect from Apple, it’s innovation. But maybe we take our expectations a bit too high when it comes to Apple’s devices. A case in point is the iPhone 6 and its features, about which there are so many rumors being discussed the world over – ranging from the quite obvious to the quite ridiculous.

Apple is expected to bring out the iPhone 6 sometime early next year or possibly even by late this year, but the fans are eagerly waiting to grab one of these. Here’s a few rumors we found really interesting about the iPhone 6.

One of the first rumors we’d heard is that this iPhone could come without a Home button and with no bezels. Now this would make the phone looks extremely futuristic and would definitely set it apart from its competition especially Samsung Galaxy S4. But is it practically possible, especially since it’s become such an integral part of Apple’s iconic design for its devices? We highly doubt it.

And then there was the rumor about the wraparound display. While we think Apple could possibly put in a flexible screen on the iPhone 6, we don’t think you could roll up the device to fit it in your pocket – that’s a little too extreme.