Is it this August or next March? The release date for the iPhone 6 is still mystifying as the analysts are assuming multiple dates and they even have contradicting statements from their former expectations.

Peter Misek, the Jeffereirs analyst had predicted earlier that Apple will release iPhone 6 by July 2014, but the recent developments and the excessive discounts on iPhone 4 and 5 have given him enough reasons to bring down his expected date to March 2014. However, the common man is anticipating the iPhone 6 to be released within a month as Apple is selling or say giving away the stock of iPhone 4 and 5 at throw away prices. In a WalMart store, the iPhone 4 and 5 are selling at heavily discounted prices as it is assumed that this fire-sale is to make space for the upcoming iPhone 6.

Misek also interpreted that this September will see the release of iPhone 5S. He also reported that the Apple Inc. is finding some issues in incorporating the ‘fingerprint sensor’ in iPhone 5S and if doesn’t work in 5S then there will be hardly any difference in this version and the earlier versions of the iPhone. 5S will also be released with slightly bigger screen at 4.3 inches and iPhone 6 will have approx. 4.7 inches of screen.

If Misek’s predictions has to be believed, the iPhone 6 will be out in March 2014 hence company is not much interested in showing off significant changes in 5S rather Apple Inc. is focusing on iPhone 6.