The Cupertino tech giant Apple has recently hinted that they will be launching a cheaper iPhone. According to CEO Tim Cook, while the iPhone 5 has been the largest seller, the iPhone 4 is still very popular and Apple want to continue attracting the demographic of people that are looking for cheaper iPhones. This seems like a pretty straight forward hint that the iPhone 5C is going to be a reality. While some believe that the cheaper iPhone will sport a 4 inch screen, have a dual core processor and be housed in a plastic casing – some reports state that the phone will in fact be a cheaper plastic version of the iPhone 5. Only time will tell since Apple as usual is silent.

Meanwhile, a new iPhone 6 concept the iPhone 6 Infinity has been doing the rounds on the web, it has an infinity screen. Released on the website Dribble, a few artists have come up with concepts. They are all pretty good and the benefits are pretty obvious. With a screen that actually continues over the edge and covers the entire side of the phone Apple can increase the screen size without having to change the dimensions. This extra space could be used in a myriad of ways, from having social media updates or holding tabs for favourite application. The options are endless.

While we wait for the new iPhone or possibly iPhones which many reports say will release sometime in September – most expect a reveal by the 10th with the new iOS 7 followed by a 20th full release, let us hope Apple looks at the infinity screen concept for the iPhone 6!