Hitherto again, one more dripped snap allegedly displaying Apple’s rumored iPhone 6.
As WWDC 2013 approaches, the inter webs are progressively turning swamped with suspected “confidential gen” and make-believe images of unreleased Apple gadgets and accessories.

Taiwanese news site, On Sunday put out pictures of what it proclaims to be an inexpensive iPhone 6. Formerly, iPhone was rumored to feature a plastic covering in order to reduce manufacturing expenses and insinuate as so- called cheap iPhone.

The snapshots display a handset with a USB cord attached to the Lightning connector, along with the dual speakers and headphone jack, placed exactly where they are positioned on the iPhone 5.

In reality, the “leaked” copy is parallel to iPhone 5, from its ports down to its dimensions. Another notable fact would seem like “iPhone 6” shown in the image is actually just a plain, old iPhone 5 inside of a thin, plastic case.

Though probably the photo is fake, it is still very feasible that Apple will release a low-cost iPhone, accumulating from materials like plastic to cut off costs.

Furthermore, the Taiwanese site also leaked photos written off as “ostensible iPhone 5S Home Button Flex.” Some of the vague queries are whether the connector is actual Apple hardware, what device it comes from and the reason for comparing the connector to the one found inside of an iPhone 5.