apple iphone 6 price featuresWith rumors rife that Apple iPhone 6 could be a wonder baby from the Cupertino stable, it is time we focus our attention to what it means on the price front. The iPhone 6 will not be anywhere close to inexpensive as the makers are eyeing the premium-buying segment.

In fact, with the erstwhile Apple iPhone 5C and 5S having rung in chances that Apple was looking to lower its ware pricing, we will be in for disappointment. Tim Cook, CEO at Apple, went to the extent of highlighting that Apple was not into the mass scale business, without as much as raising his eyebrow. With the giants having shooed off the strategy to capture the market by lowering their weight, we now need to think what Apple could offer to gain the major market share. With Samsung and LG offering high-end phones at prices that need no bank-breaking, Apple sure needs to re-think its stand.