Apple’s flagship iPhone 6 is the most awaited smartphone of 2014 as per report goes. It Apple iPhone 6 to Cost $ 100 Extra- Possible Reactions Citedcould be a reason why apple is keen on increasing the base price of the device by $ 100. This is based on an analyst’s report, which stated that Apple is talking to carriers about  iPhone 6 price. If this report comes true, Apple would draw some unwanted criticism from all corners.

It is a fact that iPhone is a widely popular device but a price hike is not a good idea since the smartphone is already being sold at an exorbitant amount. If Apple does not consider its decision, there is a high chance for potential customers to look for other devices with same features available at lower prices.

Even the carriers are trying heavily to negotiate the alleged price rise of iPhone but it seems their prayers are going to deaf ear. Apple is in no mood to negotiate as they know iPhone is going to be a huge seller. The carriers or operators also could not deny this fact.

It was thought that lack of differentiation or smartphone saturation could make Apple to carry on with the old pricing. Instead, these two factors became the strong point in their decision to increase price. This is because there is no other mention worthy phone up for release this year as said by carriers as well. Hence, Apple is going to sell the same amount on iPhone 6 as it intends to do.

Apple may not be able to raise the price to as much as $ 100 but it would surely sell the device at an increased price because this time Apple is bringing about a huge change in the device. iPhone 6 is rumored to have big screen. The smartphone would come in two variants, 4.7-inches and 5.5 inches, as far as screen size is considered.

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