After going through all the rumors, leaks and videos about upcoming additions of Apple, it seems that the techie world is after the low-cost iPhone, 5S and iPhone 6 or is it a simple and clever advertising skill by Apple itself?

One thing is for sure that we all have become curious about the outlook of the new smartphones by Apple. Be it a multi-colored iPhone or a white plastic case of the same, videos are going viral online suggesting the size of the new one as iPhone 5 with 4-inch screen. The plastic chassis of the low-cost iPhone seems to have used polycarbonate material to give it a sturdy look at nominal price.

The bottom portion of the case points out a hole for a second microphone, the usual centered Lightning port, and four holes for the speaker. There are pre-drilled holes inside the shell too for screwing in the camera, LED flash, and microphone.

A Chinese manufacturer Techdy goes further describing the videos to be of Basic Bear, a budget Android smartphone where the Apple logo is replaced by the company’s logo. Techdy’s website also says that 5,000 “Basic Bear” smartphones in five colors have been reserved and is listed for $199. The company also offers a blatant HTC One clone, called the Bear Pro, for $249. Both are slated to ship on July 31.

So, will you go for an authentic iPhone this fall or a basic beary version of the same at the end of the month?