Apple WWDC is just around the corner at June 10 bringing about speculations about the products which may be unveiled at the much awaited event. With masterpieces like iPhone 6, iPad mini 2 and iPhone 5S on the cards, market watchers have a lot to look forward to at this stage.

With iPhone 6 being spotted on the UKVodafone inventory list, the imminent question that crops up today is, “What will happen to the iPhone 5S?”

Apart from its first iPhone, Apple has so far released an S version of each of its iterations. However, Cupertino has chosen to remain quiet on the subject and has not indicated whether there is a possibility of iPhone 5S preceding the launch of iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 5S

One of the pertinent questions doing its round in the industry is linked with whether Apple needs a grand slam or a one-run homer in its upcoming product cycle. Though the company has witnessed incremental success with all the S versions so far, the market scenario seems to be different in the case of iPhone 5.

Ever since the launch of iPhone 5, several flagship smart phones like HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Blackberry Z10 have made their appearance along with the products of other major developers. The competition for apple is at an all time high with a variety of products on the racks and prices dipping like never before. Most smart phones are now available across the largest 4 telecoms and come at an affordable cost.

So, is it time for apple to skip the “S” version and come out with an absolutely new product? However, with the market share of Apple reaching unprecedented lows, it is indeed time for the release of iPhone 6.