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Apple iPhone 5S Release: Plagued by Supply Constraints, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Would Win?

Resourceful reports indicate that on launch day, iPhone 5s release inventory will be amazingly low. “Apple will try to boost capacity by extending metal case orders to Catcher, the company’s current supplier of MacBook Pro uni-body chassis.” says KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo
Low yields(manufacturing success) of the iPhone 5s’ metal case, especially the gold color option, and construction time associated with advanced components like the Touch ID fingerprint sensor are thought to be behind the allegedly constrained inventory. The supply chain is not expected to ramp-up till 2014, making obstacles prominent till then.
With other partner manufacturers handling metal shell production for the iPad, iPod and MacBook Pro, Catcher is seen as the most-probable choice for expansion. Exacerbating the alleged iPhone 5s, supply constraints is Apple’s expected continued reliance on aluminum) as its mainstream casing material for future devices set to roll out in 2014. It has been speculated that Apple will revamp its product designs to include carbon-fiber or sapphire parts. Key benefits include flexibility with sophisticated design, surface treatment options & cost.

Finally, the analyst notes Apple needs higher capacity output due to low yield for the popular gold and space gray iPhone 5s casings color options.

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