Thursday, June 13, 2024

Apple iPhone 5S May Hit The Bull’s Eye And Spring Back In Action To Be A Match For Samsung Galaxy S4

Apple iPhone 5S | Samsung Galaxy S4As per the latest reports from the upstream supply chain, the much awaited masterpiece from Apple iPhone is expected to be launched by the end of September. The shipping out of the model will begin in May, bringing an end to a long wait.

Apple enthusiasts are waiting to set their eyes on the incremental updates in the seventh generation iPhone. This version is expected to be more enhanced than the Apple iPhone 5.This brings to rest the rumors which forecasted the launch of Apple iPhone 5S as the next offering from Apple. The enhanced features of the next Apple iPhone include a fingerprint reader, a faster A7 processor and an improved camera.

Along with a camera lens with “Smart Flash” which utilizes the benefits of yellow and white LED lights– for improved color enhancement, Apple has also promised a low cost version of the phone. The more affordable model, made in plastic, is expected to grab a large global share of the telecom market.

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According to Terry Guo, the Chairman of Foxconn Electronics, the market for the next generation Apple iPhone is expected to pick up in the last weeks of April and the beginning of May. The components for this iconic smart phone are expected to arrive in this period and will be assembled and sent to retail channels in time of the 3rd quarter launch.

Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed as we await this predicted launch of the next apple product and say Amen!

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