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Apple iPhone 5S May Get Gulped Down By Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple iPhone 6 May Bring Back The Crown

While 2012 wasn’t exactly a great year for Apple with customers not exactly falling head over heels for the iPhone 5, the impending release of the iPhone 5S this year might end up doing more harm than good for the company. According to former ad expert, Ken Segall, the addition to the “S” to their upcoming iPhone model will only end up disappointing Apple loyalists, making it seem like the company has nothing much on offer for this year.

Ken feels a better strategy for Apple would be to skip the launch of the iPhone 5S for this year and head straight into bringing out a completely revamped iPhone 6 instead. To start with, it will have undergone tremendous changes, not just in terms of a power upgrade, but also to its overall design and experience, which Apple might not put into the iPhone 5S.

Even though the iPhone 5 did boast of interesting features like the bigger screen, a more powerful camera, a thinner and lighter body, its competitors had better phones in the market which ended up stealing the spotlight from the iPhone. Most customers didn’t find anything radically different in the iPhone 5 and found the changes incremental, further leading to the dip in its popularity.

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