Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 Release Date Nears: Great Sales on Apple iPhone 5

Most people now think that Apple will be revealing a new iPhone at a media event on the 10th of September followed by its release on the 20th of the month. People are not in agreement as to whether it will be the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6, though most believe that it will be the iPhone 5S first and the iPhone 6 will be released sometime in the first quarter of next year.

Either way, as is usual, in the build up to the release of a new iPhone the older ones start getting cheaper. So it is pretty important for prospective iPhone 5S owners to decide if they want to put their present phone up for sale and upgrade. The new phone has many benefits – better specification and the completely new iOS 7.

There are many options available to sell an old iPhone. For example Amazon and E-bay both offer lock in periods – meaning a seller can confirm that he will sell and then get the best price in the time period. The sooner a person puts their old iPhone up for sale, the better price or deal they will get, expect the price to fall dramatically by the end of September.

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