How to buy iphone 5



Apple has planned to tie its laces very tight this year. With rumor mills going abuzz about iPhone 5S coming in August. Now better news is that second-gen iPad mini and fifth-generation 9.7-inch iPad could be all ours this April.

Before your heart misses a beat read up the details in depth. The iPhone 5S would not be starkly different from its predecessor. However, it could come with a more powerful clicker under hood and a pumped up processor. The iPhone 5S maintains its slim shape without the slightest hiccup.

As for the iPad 5, it shall be in for a huge revamp– with a completely new casing that reminds us of the Mini. And before we miss the Mini’s new avatar, we might not yet get Retina display so soon. However, we have reasons to believe that it would remain equally slim and come with better battery life.