The report of the American Customer Satisfaction Index report provided that Apple leads the race in the customer satisfaction report in front of Samsung, Motorola and Nokia. Though the difference is not much yet Apple has emerged as the leader.

With the huge sale of the Iphone 5 it was the Iphone 5 which has makes Apple the winner of the customer satisfaction index. Apple leads with 81% of the rating leaving Samsung and the others.

The reports also provide that the Korean Smartphone company Samsung was leading with its unlimited sale of the Samsung Galaxy S3. It customer satisfaction had jumped about 7% which led to its rating being 76. It is pretty much praise worthy to see such a leap. At the same time when Apple and Samsung were in the war the others HTC, LG etc saw a drop on their ability to impress the customers. Their falls make the competition easier.

The reports gives by ACSI of Apple leading in the tiff is fully valid as the rating have been taken from the poles conduct on Television, Computer and wireless phone services etc. The survey consisted of 70000 people in the US which proves that Apple reaches the Zenith.