So you think Apple keeps all others away? Well, the smartphone country is populated with darlings that tempt, seduce and mesmerize—better than the Apple iPhone too. Here is our Top 5:

Samsung Galaxy S III– The Koreans indeed seem to be in the market with one formula —vanquish Apple—and it has almost done that.


Motorola Atrix HD—HD gets a phoenix-like resurrection with this amazing Motorola offering. The fluidity is the sexiest part of this smartphone.




Motorola Droid RAZR—The Droid gets to work for keeping the Motorola reputation intact. Amazing, smooth and seamless—we are in love with Moto again.



HTC One X- HTC has flown in the hearts of millions with its Butterfly but the One X has planned to escalate it t top ranks, we feel.



HTC Rezound 4G—With hair-raising 4G support, the Rezound rebounds fans of HTC who thought of biting the Apple. HTC stands secure now!