Apple iPhone 5 is Coming Out SoonEven as the world waits with bated breath for the official launch of the iPhone 5, or even information on when it could see the light of day finally, the rumor mills are rife with speculation on what the latest version of the ever popular smartphone can or cannot do. Yes, given Apple’s typical upgrades over versions, we can of course expect the new iPhone to be faster, thinner, and lighter than the older models. But what else can we expect to see in the latest iPhone? As the countdown begins for Apple to make the official announcement on the iPhone 5, there is further speculation that the banners being put up about the event could possibly contain hints about the features we can expect to see.

It all started with MacRumors spotting what it believes to be stretched iOS icons on the banners, including those of iTunes, App and Music Store, and Game Center. Now dropping hints is nothing new for Apple, which has in the past hidden subtle hints about upcoming technologies. Apple fans have surmised that stretched icons on the banner could possibly mean that the iPhone 5 would sport a bigger display than its predecessors, giving users a much better viewing experience. There are ample rumors about the new iPhone being taller and might even have a 4-inch diagonal display.

But we worry if this is just Apple playing tricks on its devoted fan base, or if there really is something viable in MacRumor’s claims. Guess we all just have to wait until we hear straight from the horse’s mouth.