Saturday, June 10, 2023

Apple iPhone 5 Defeats Sharp, A Surprise Champion In Japan


Apple iPhone 5 was never been a technological delight in Japan, but as a matter of fact  share reports of 2102 have revealed that apple iPhone 5 is a reigning champion in Japan market. In the fourth quarter Apple took the 16% bite in the market share , bringing down the popularity of Japan’s darling , Sharp. Last year even saw the rise of Korean giants LG and Samsung in Japan Smartphone market. Together they took away the 50% market share and even Chinese manufacturer Huawei saw its share rising by three times.

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Japan had always been an impermeable territory for foreign smart phone manufactures, however carriers like KDDI and Softbank are heavily promoting Apple iPhone 5 which has led the California-Cupertino Company to penetrate the Japan Market. Good going Apple…

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