Friday, June 9, 2023

Apple iPhone 5 Ban May Become A Reality If Motorola Mobility Wins The Argument On 22nd April


A decision made by Judge Thomas Pender in Apple and Motorola case would be reviewed again by six member panel. According to Pender Motorola’s mobility features which allowed for no hang ups bore similarity to previous sensors which avoided accidental dialing.  However, Motorola Mobility, a subsidiary of Google  rgued that its previous technology was based on push touch buttons where as this one deals with touch screen device. ITC has decided to once again review the words “touch sensitive input device” used by Motorola mobility.

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When Judge Pender was reviewing the case he nullified Motorola Mobility’s patent and took a stand in favor of Apple. His decision would be reviewed again on 22nd April and if a decision is made in favor of Motorola Mobility than its quite likely that Apple iPhone 5 would be banned.

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