The still-in-the-making Apple iPhone 7 has been in the headlines for the last few weeks because the fall season is nearing. Although there are several expectations around the upcoming handset, Apple has not confirmed whether they will move straight to the iPhone 7 or launch an iPhone 6s this fall. Whether iPhone 7 is released this year or next year, a concept design published by Phone Arena will surely attract attention.

Apple iPhone 4 and 4S inspires iPhone 7 concept designApple iPhone 7 concept design

The conceptual iPhone 7 design clearly reflects the glass back that was found in the iPhone 4 as well as iPhone 4S models. Not just the glass panel, it seems that the artist has taken ample inspiration from the previous iPhones, which are often considered the most aesthetically designed handsets of the company.

Apart from the glass back, the concept phone has also adopted the flat metal frame, which covers the device from all sides. The 2.5D sapphire glass on the front side of the phone is also something that will attract viewers and the way it has slowly blended with the phone’s metal frame will mesmerize all.

Apart from the alluring design of this concept phone, its features will also have fans longing. The device is likely to enjoy the Apple A10 chip, 16MP iSight camera and Quad HD Retina. Wireless charging is also going to be an additional feature worth talking about.

It’s certainly a phone we look forward to.

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Apple iPhone 7 May Have 16 MP Camera And Flat Edges?