Apple iPad 5 Release date and Features

Apple is all set to release its new tablet Apple iPad 5  tomorrow, October  22 and  it is being touted that Apple’s new tablet will establish its monopoly over the 10-inch tablet market. However, with the recent release of Microsoft Surface Pro 2 it will be difficult for iPad 5 to establish its reign. Apple iPad 5 is rumoured to come with a fingerprint scanner and with a high resolution retina display. Just like Microsoft Surface Pro 2 , Apple iPad 5 will also sport a thin keyboard so that users can have an ease in working.

Apple iPad 5 vs Microsoft Surface Pro

According to the industry experts Apple iPad 5 will be lighter than Microsoft Surface pro and will have a better display quality, thanks to Apple’s patented retina display. Surface Pro 2 will run on Windows RT 8.1 whereas Apple iPad 5 will house the new, OS X Mavericks.

It is in terms of battery life that Microsoft Surface Pro may rate higher than Apple iPad 5. Surface Pro 2 comes with a 10 hour battery life where as there is  still no word about Apple iPad 5 battery life.

Apple iPad 5 vs Nokia Tablet

It is rumored that along with Apple iPad 5, Nokia will also release its tablet, Nokia Lumia 2520. The tablet will be Nokia’s first Windows RT 8.1 tablet and is rumoured to come with 1080p IPS display and a 6.7 megapixel camera.

So, here are the three tablets which are ready to rule the 10-inch tablet world. For more updates on Apple iPad 5 release stay tuned.