And you thought the Apple iPad was only designed for geeks? Taking Samsung Galaxy S’s claim to have been designed for humans, Apple has taken a route most of us failed to even imagine. Sex and seduction sells in any case-Apple has believed this adage too seriously and has chosen to offer the Kama Xcitra to iPad users on iOS.


Forget the blushes and the “awwws”, it is time to get in bed with tech to catalyze your lovemaking! The app bases itself on augmented reality (AR) that almost makes you feel you are seeing someone teach you the positions up close and personal.  The more you shake the more to gain—no pun intended—the iPad responds to give you “all-around” views of the 3D figures on screen, as you view it from varied angles.

The Kamasutra Xcitra excites you enough to get to real time action with real augmented tech to boost your spirit. Even though you can barely customize the images to suit your(self) tastes, you can always change the skin color.

Now your spouse will barely complain about consistent tapping over the Apple iPad. We know that Apple can well turn the stakes in its favor—this time Amazon acts as its worthy partner.