While loyalists still swearing by Apple iPad Mini, we have better reason to bank on Android– across its Google and non-Google avatars. With the latest figures from the fourth quarter of the fiscal that just ended, we know that Amazon has risen to the higher rungs! Perhaps, the Amazon Kindle has kindled this furious rise up the rank board.


Hear it straight from IDC, “Overall tablet market saw big growth for the holiday quarter, up 75.3% year-on-year and 74.3% from Q3.” Stats reveal that Amazon saw a hike in share by about 11.5 per cent that could be achieved with 6 million Kindle(s) shipped in the fourth quarter.


However, before you see this rise as the fall of Apple—let us make it clear—Apple has seen shoulder matching from Amazon but is still at top. Just that, it now needs to take care of remaining up there. Microsoft fans were a tad disappointed that the Surface did not equip it with power to gain a slot among the top 5.


With Andy marching fast, Apple could be in for a tight match.