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Apple iPad Mini Going Fatter Could Be About iPad Mini Features vs Google Nexus 7 Features

The brand new iPad Mini 2 could be giving Google’s new Nexus 7 a run for its money later this year. This is a war of the iPad Mini 2 features vs Google Nexis 7 features.

Sources say that Apple’s display suppliers are already manufacturing enough hi-res displays for the Retina iPad Mini, which is expected in the last quarter of this year.

Right now, Display-wise, the Nexus 7 houses a 7” 1280×800 (216ppi) screen with HD IPS technology, while the iPad Mini2 has a 7.9‑inch (diagonal) LED-backlit Multi‑Touchdisplay with IPS technology 1024×768 resolution at 163 pixels per inch (ppi). With an OS clash od Andriod KitKat 4.4 & iOS 7 respectively, the Nexus 7 shall be coming in storage denominations of 16GB & 32GB. Apple just adds another in its inventory with a 64GB currently along with plans of doubling that figure as well. Also, the Nexus 7 functions on an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, while the iPad Mini2 runs on a Dual-Core A5 chip

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Modern technologies such as Sharp’s IGZO (Semiconducting Indium gallium zinc oxide) sufficiently reduce the energy demands of the screen to maintain the look and performance of the current Mini, but the bigger picture however asks whether Apple could incorporate a screen of this pixel density without compromising either battery life or the sleek, svelte design? Apple’s not averse to going fatter, but the Mini’s portability forms a major part of the iPad Mini 2 features. This would make the Google Nexus 7 features comes on its own with time.

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